Don’t feel stranded mom, Babies Travel Too!!

Alison Musser, President of Babies Travel Too Shares Her Story… 

I traveled with my daughter when she was an infant several times and quickly realized how difficult it is to make your way through an airport with a ton of baby gear-and of course the crying baby!  Recognizing that this is a problem many parents face, I knew there had to be a better way.  I started Babies Travel Too as a way to make traveling with babies easier for both the babies, moms and dads.  We rent car seats, strollers, high chairs and even full-size cribs so that traveling families can leave all the bulky baby gear at home.  We deliver all of our items right to the family’s destination, and have everything set up for them by the time they walk in the door-whether at a hotel or a private residence.  We only offer top of the line brands that are clean, safe and sanitized before every rental.  Our hope is that parents won’t avoid travel just because their kids are little-life doesn’t have to be put on hold the day your baby arrives.

Upon being selected as a BGV Finalist, I was so excited!  I only found out about Bad Girl Ventures a week or so before the applications were due, and I was thrilled to be selected as a finalist.  Since I just launched Babies Travel Too last November, I knew I could use all of the advice and guidance I could get as I made my way through the start-up phase.  My favorite aspect of Bad Girl Ventures is simply being surrounded by other female entrepreneurs on a weekly basis.  I love hearing their stories and where they are with their businesses, and we often are facing similar struggles even when our industries are so very different.  It is so nice to have this new network of smart women going through the same thing and being so supportive of my business. 

My top supporter is my husband.  He is my sounding board, my rock, and often times the first person to give me honest feedback; which is something so critical when you often feel like you are just grasping at straws trying to figure out how to make it all work.  He is also quickly becoming the world’s fastest crib assembler! Additionally, my daughter, Juliet, is my number one inspiration. I started this company with the goal of relieving stress for traveling parents, and every time I look at her I remember how important that goal truly is.  As they say, happy parents make for happy children-and safe, rented, baby gear can play a huge role in that.

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