Spicy Bad Girls

Melanie, Theresa and Lynn are three extraordinarily spicy women who own a delicious business. The Spicy Olive is a store that sells gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Although the business idea was stumbled upon, these long time friends have so much spice that their endeavor is a sure success. Lynn explains, “My parents owned … Continue reading

C’est Cheese!!!

When thinking of food trucks, what types of food come to mind? Greasy hamburgers, French fries and the occasional Mexican fare are all that can be expected. C’est Cheese Food Truck exceeds these expectations by serving some of the most delicious grilled cheese creations in the greater Cincinnati area. The driving force behind Emily Frank’s … Continue reading

Not Your Typical Frosting

Well, I am Susan Manfredonia, the owner and maker of “Squeeze n’ Easy Custard Frosting.” I have a passion to share my frosting with everyone because I’m tired of the artificial canned or boxed frosting and want my children to have something better. It is egg and nut free with all natural ingredients. Additionally, it is quick … Continue reading

A HodgePodge of Vintage and Design

Wedding season is upon us, and if you are searching for something truly unique for that special day, look no further than Cleveland Finalist, Bad Girl Maria Blatnick and HodgePodge Vintage Rentals. This rental service is unlike any other, offering vintage furniture, settings, accessories and décor for almost any occasion.  These antique items allow individuals to … Continue reading

No Job No Excuse

Two and a half years ago, Luanne lost a corporate management position she had for over 20 years, and thought she would have forever.  Almost overnight, she went from supervising 18 employees to waiting tables.  After applying for other positions only to be told she was over qualified, she had a choice to make. Luanne … Continue reading