A HodgePodge of Vintage and Design

Wedding season is upon us, and if you are searching for something truly unique for that special day, look no further than Cleveland Finalist, Bad Girl Maria Blatnick and HodgePodge Vintage Rentals. This rental service is unlike any other, offering vintage furniture, settings, accessories and décor for almost any occasion.  These antique items allow individuals to express their own unique tastes and personalities. With their ever-growing collection, there is no end to what can be found. 

Maria decided to launch her company because it marries her passion for design and vintage items and, at the same time, fills a niche in the event rental industry not currently being obliged in Northeastern Ohio. Upon being selected as a finalist, Maria was full of excitement and felt someone had finally validated her business idea. This motivated her to continue on her journey to entrepreneurial success.  Being able to ask specific business questions to experts during coaching sessions is her favorite part of the BGV program. She was also eager to learn more about the financial side of running her business.
HodgePodge Vintage Rentals’ top supporter is Maria’s husband who helped her monumentally in getting her business up and running. From website creation to physical labor he was there for her. Reading the Stampington Publications is Maria’s inspiration because they have a series of magazines dedicated to women who are achieving great creative success while following their dreams. Often disheartened by the difficulty of finding rental companies that offered something other than the same old, Maria found a way to blend her experience in retail with a love for vintage and the rare. Her business aim is to provide unique and customized services that will help take an event from ordinary to extraordinary.

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