Not Your Typical Frosting

Well, I am Susan Manfredonia, the owner and maker of “Squeeze n’ Easy Custard Frosting.”
I have a passion to share my frosting with everyone because I’m tired of the artificial canned or boxed frosting and want my children to have something better. It is egg and nut free with all natural ingredients. Additionally, it is quick and easy to use, because it is already prepared for you. No fuss or mess, just thaw it and decorate. Then, throw the bag away and off you go with a high end, quality taste. We have four different luscious flavors to pick from, visit me at to get more information and place an order.
I was joyful to be picked as one of the finalist and knew a lot of work was a head of me. My first impression was “Wow,” this is going to be exciting and more work than I imagined. The classes are going well and so much information is being taught. I’m more excited now that I’m being more educated in this whole process. I loved learning about marketing and social media but all of the classes have been my favorite.
My top supporter is my investor, Frank Cullen as well as my family and close friends. They keep encouraging me to move on because they do believe I have a great product that all people need to taste, a rich creamy smooth custard frosting without that sugary sweet taste. My inspiration is listening to Warren Brown, he ignited my passion and I am so happy for that!

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