Crossing Intern.ational Borders – Stephanie and Yingmei



Stephanie Duban, a Business Administration Intern at BGV since June, had originally only planned on
staying with Bad Girl Ventures through August. However, after falling in love with the program and the
women she found it impossible to leave. She explains, “Working at BGV is a totally different experience
for me as this is my first job outside of a Kitchen. It is a completely foreign environment with a whole
new set of challenges that I’ve eagerly accepted” Stephanie’s main responsibilities at BGV include
helping coordinate workshops and fall classes, completing end of the week financial reports, updating
the BGV chapter web pages, and various errands (Many Kinkos runs!)

Stephanie is currently employed at the Kingsgate Marriott and is in her last year at The University of
Cincinnati Lindner College of Business. She is completing her undergraduate education with a major
in International Business and a minor in Asian Studies. She plans to finish her collegiate career with
a semester abroad. Before beginning the search for a serious career, Stephanie wishes to take a few
months to travel throughout Asia and Europe. She continues, “As for now, I am living in two different
worlds, both working in the corporate world of Marriott International and the local non-profit world of
Bad Girl Ventures… I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity with BGV. I have learned so much
about non-profit work and through the class sessions I have continued to gain insight into what it takes
to start and run a successful small business. More than anything else, BGV has taught me to BE BOLD
and I’m proud to have joined this team.”


Yingmei Cai is an international student studying at The University of Cincinnati. She recently joined the
family of Bad Girl Ventures in August and is very excited to have become a BAD girl!

Before beginning her internship with BGV, she was the Financial Management Intern at Roomations,
an online interior design company. After working at Roomations for about three months, Yingmei came
to realize how critical and difficult it is for small companies to gain enough funding to cultivate their
companies. Because Roomations was a past Bad Girl Ventures finalist, she became very interested in
working at BGV and helping more women entrepreneurs finance their dream.

As the Business Development intern at BGV, she works primarily with Salesforce inputting contact
information. Additionally, she has been trying to figure out ways to better manage Bad Girl Ventures
contact information system to make the best use of Salesforce to enable us to reach out to our
participants and potential donors. Yingmei explained, “During the past few weeks, I have really enjoyed
my time at BGV. My teammates here are so lovely and are working so hard. Also, BGV gave me the great
opportunity to meet people from all sectors and get to know their great ideas, especially those of bad
girls, the bold and brave women entrepreneurs.” This makes her extremely excited as she aspires to one
day run her own company. In addition, as a Finance graduate student wishes to get hands-on experience
in fund-raising. When she finishes her degree she plans to work in the financial industry.


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