Rachel Klosterman – An Ear for Entrepreneurship


If you ask any of the Bad Girls about Rachel Klosterman, we will inform you of all of her talents. From her awesome events as the “Event Planning Intern” and her singing skills, to her fantastic Bill Cosby impressions, Rachel truly does it all. The recent Miami University grad was born in Cincinnati and was raised on 22 acres of land in Maineville, which includes her house, a corn field and (as I learned on our first day of meeting thanks to a Google earth search) resides her 3,000 pine trees. Rachel grew up under the husk of the entrepreneurial world. As a child, her grandfather and great uncle had a business called Country Boys Roasted Corn. She spent the summer and fall months of her youth going to church festivals and other events, such as taste of Cincinnati and Oktoberfest, selling corn on the cob. Who could possibly resist 5 year old Rachel selling water bottles for a dollar?

When she was in her last semester of college, Rachel was informed about an internship opportunity by her cousin and past intern, Melissa Back, who is now a graphic designer for BGV. After doing some extensive research, Rachel decided it was definitely an organization she would love to be involved with. The position has come to fit her like a glove. As the event planning intern, she has planned the office open house, the class 5 unveiling at Japp’s Annex, graduation atop Leapfrog’s roof, the class 6 unveiling in Washington park last night and many other Bad Girl events. What’s she planning next, you ask? It was recently announced that she will become the Program Assistant for our Cincinnati office.

Her favorite thing about BGV is all of the people! On the same day Corey informed her that she was hired as an intern, Rachel was hugged goodbye and instantly knew it was going to be a great place. “Every single person I’ve met at BGV has welcomed me with open arms and I’ve found something to admire about all of them.” Now a graduated grown up, her main goal is to stay at BGV as long as they will possibly keep her. Aside from that, she plans on spending a lot of time with family, friends and finding little adventures in everyday life. All of this while not developing a post grad shopping addiction, which may be her biggest obstacle yet.

– Jordan Kaplan, Bad Girl Ventures Marketing Intern

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