The Answer to Pregnant Women’s Prayers

Mamadoc was started because Dr. Somi Javaid saw a need in the market for pregnancy products to address a few key pregnancy ailments:

· Painful engorgement & weaning
· Low back pain
· Swollen feet and ankles

Their first product, nox addresses painful engorgement and weaning.  It is an adjustable compression garment made using elastic and bamboo fabric.  It is the only product on the market designed to provide coverage and compression for the entire milk gland area. As a physician she wasn’t able to recommend any good options for weaning so we designed nox.  The second product, belly upit helps with low back pain during pregnancy.  The other belts on the market were made using hard scratchy elastic–not comfortable.  Theirs is made using non latex elastic and bamboo fabric for comfort.  The compression socks for pregnancy were all medical grade and very tight.  The product preghose provides gentle compression for all day comfort.  Mamadoc wanted to design products that make sense and are practical, comfortable, effective, and affordable.
“My first thought upon being selected as a finalist was ‘OK, great now all of my ducks need to be in a row, I need to know my business from the inside out and plan for the future,’” said Kim Howell, co-founder and vice president of Mamadoc.  She continued that her first impressions exceeded even her expectations from BGV, Candace, and the whole experience.  “I knew I would enjoy being surrounded by motivated, smart women but I did not realize that the class would be so big and so full of people with my same questions, concerns, and issues and I love trying to figure this out together.”
As painful as she believes it is, one of her favorite aspects of the program is delivering the 60 second pitch every week.  It has allowed her to think and drill down to the essence of their products and company.  She believes it has been extremely helpful. Their inspiration draws from all of the women owned successful businesses out there and anyone who has the tenacity to be an inventor and work to bring a product or service to market.  It’s not as fun and easy as it seems.

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