In the Dog House with Megan Gourlie

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a degree from DAAP, Megan Gourlie felt underwhelmed by her day job and started Dogtown Cincinnati to meet a need that wasn’t fulfilled in the market.  Dogtown Cincinnati is a doggie daycare business near downtown Cincinnati, and yes, they do take cats. She began listing the things that could be different at the pet care business that she was taking her dogs to.  Then, after meeting with SCORE, she learned how to turn that idea into a viable business plan.  Because so many other people needed the same things, the business has been doing very well.

After being selected as a finalist, Megan was afraid that there wouldn’t be enough time to really devote to the requirements of the class, but knew that as a finalist this wouldn’t be an option. “I was glad because I knew that the accountability requirement of a finalist would really help me focus on what I needed to do to expand my business and get the business training that I desperately needed.” Megan continues, “The first impression of the class was intimidating.  I wasn’t exactly prepared to be in front of a group.  I’m also not very peppy, so it sometimes comes off as me not being motivated, which isn’t the case.  I tend to be more of a laid back person who doesn’t like to be the center of attention at all.  I know that this program is great for my business and being around other business owners and successful professionals, I know this program is going to have a wonderful positive effect on my business!”

Her favorite aspect about the program is the education.  It is really important to her that she expands her understanding of business through education in order to move her aspirations in the right direction.  Megan believes the guidance she receives from the people involved in the program is priceless, and a lot less money and time than a full blow degree in business.

Her inspirations are her dogs.  They live life not worrying about the future, finances, or the daily grind.  “When I slow down to pay attention, they teach me to embrace life, to enjoy being active, and not to feel guilty for being lazy sometimes!   They love unconditionally and without judgment and always cheer me up when life gets tough.  I’ve lived most of my life with the understanding that there is no benefit to worrying yourself sick and that practically nothing is worth getting all worked up about.  This philosophy on life helps me be a forward thinker who is solution minded and not fearful of risk.”

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