Spicy Bad Girls

Melanie, Theresa and Lynn are three extraordinarily spicy women who own a delicious business. The Spicy Olive is a store that sells gourmet olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Although the business idea was stumbled upon, these long time friends have so much spice that their endeavor is a sure success.

Lynn explains, “My parents owned a restaurant as I was growing up, so I learned all aspects of owning a business at a young age. It is a lot of work but rewarding to accomplish success. Then I owned farm markets for 13 years, which was very rewarding, building relationships with my customers and growing my business. Theresa, Melanie and I have been friends for over 20 years and have talked about opening our own business for quite some time now.”

“We were working moms together, and then stay at home moms for a bit but we used to talk about owning our own business together someday.” stated Melanie.

Theresa said, “I wanted to devote my energy towards something that I was passionate about, and channel my efforts into a business venture that I was proud of and that I could take ownership of.”

In 2008, Lynn discovered an Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar tasting bar in Michigan and was instantly intrigued by the idea. Lynn explains “I came back to Cincinnati and told my friends that we should consider this business because it was unique. They weren’t too sure about what I was describing to them. When I would go back and visit this store, I would suggest it to Melanie and Theresa again. Then, the holiday season of 2011, I went to this store again and talked with the manager. She had told me that the owner had opened 3 additional stores since this one in 2008, in Michigan. I was determined at this point to jump into this opportunity, because there was nothing like it here in Cincinnati. When I came back from the holiday, I told the girls that this was it and we needed to do it now, before anyone else does! We did some research and discovered that these store owners were very successful across the country and they too were opening multiple locations. All this during a depressed economy! They needed to visit a store like this to see what I was talking about, so we went to visit one and they were hooked, like me!”

Theresa continued, “I knew this business would be a great family adventure, and an education tool for all of us.I was excited and proud, and being selected as a finalist gave me confidence that we actually had a viable business concept.

It was exciting to be a Bad Girl Finalist! It was great to have the affirmation that others thought that this was a great business idea. I was excited to be a part of something that helps Cincinnati grow as well as myself.” Replied Lynn.
Wow, I thought we are Bad Girls! (spicy bad girls.)  We loved that people liked our business idea and felt is was viable. We thought it was but it was great to get that affirmation that others think we are on to something too!” exclaimed Melanie. “I am really enjoying and learning so much from the BGV classes. My first impression was when we arrived for the inaugural class and got our finalist name tags and our seats up front, it made us feel special, especially after the rest of the attendees arrived at 9 and we were introduced to everyone. I love the camaraderie among the finalists and the unending support from the BGV staff. “

“This program has given us connections to all the right people, tools to stay on track, and an overall support system where people who are interested in our business truly want to help us succeed,” said Theresa.

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