C’est Cheese!!!

When thinking of food trucks, what types of food come to mind? Greasy hamburgers, French fries and the occasional Mexican fare are all that can be expected. C’est Cheese Food Truck exceeds these expectations by serving some of the most delicious grilled cheese creations in the greater Cincinnati area.

The driving force behind Emily Frank’s business venture was the desire to be her own boss as well as the ability to hire and mentor employees the way she could never do in her past career. It’s important to Emily to empower employees and give them a sense of ownership as well as an understanding of how vital they are to the success of the business.  

After the initial excitement, shock and eventual panic that Emily felt after being selected as a finalist, her first impression of Bad Girl Ventures was that the program is run very efficiently and professionally.  She exclaimed, “Cory and the team really work their tails off!  Classes are great and I had no idea I’d be getting so much out of them.  Already having a business plan before classes started, I thought I was set but quickly learned after week one that I had SO much to learn.”

Her favorite part of the program includes meeting and learning from all of the amazing Bad Girls.  The finalists as well as the students! “I’ve met so many great people that have been so kind and willing to help with my business – it’s overwhelming.” Of course, Emily’s family supports her, but her SCORE mentor and past Bad Girl Mentor, Sara Bornick have been unbelievable!  Sara has gone out of her way to introduce her to contacts, offer advice, support and Sara even opened her store to Emily as a commissary for her food truck!   

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