No Job No Excuse

Two and a half years ago, Luanne lost a corporate management position she had for over 20 years, and thought she would have forever.  Almost overnight, she went from supervising 18 employees to waiting tables.  After applying for other positions only to be told she was over qualified, she had a choice to make. Luanne could either work at an unhappy job or pursue her dreams.  She had always wanted to start a company that would impact the world and, luckily for Luanne, she was a bad girl at heart.  With the desire to make people smile and bring them happiness, she created The Mighty Teeth Defenders, a children’s educational super hero series that teaches proper dental hygiene. The series consists primarily of cards, pamphlets, books, toys, and dvds.
Upon being selected as a BGV Cleveland Finalist Luanne thought, “My dreams are going to come true.  I am going to get The Mighty Teeth Defenders up and on the market.”  Luanne feels she was given a huge gift.  She truly believes that Candice, Reka, the Score representatives and everyone associated with BGV truly care about each one of the finalists and the program gives her the training and the coaching that will help get her business up and running.  Luanne thinks “the weekly classes are phenomenal.” She leaves every class  very excited and one step closer to success. 
Luanne’s favorite aspect of the program is that successful business owners are living the Payback Philosophy.  “They are taking time to help us develop our dreams and goals.  I can’t wait until I can do the same.” Her top supporter is her friend Nina.  She has been there for Luanne through good times and bad for the last twenty years.  Nina tells everyone about The Mighty Teeth Defenders and that she knows in her heart that The Mighty Teeth Defenders is going to be a success.
Additionally, Luanne has two inspirations, first is her mother.  She was born one of thirteen children in a small town in North Dakota.  She worked her way thru nursing school where she worked full time and raised five daughters.  During this time, she worked two jobs just to provide for her five girls. She passed away four years ago, but Luanne says “I know that she is watching over me.  I am determined to be successful and make her proud of me.”
Secondly, Luanne has a very close friend that she strongly looks up to.  He was born in a small town in Ohio, worked hard, and sent himself through college.  He became a successful businessman, but more importantly, became a man looked up to in the community, well respected and loved by all.  Her friend also believed in the pay it back philosophy, and has helped many along the way.  Luanne believes that she has very big shoes to fill, but hopes to be able to walk in his footsteps someday and make an impact on the world the way he has.  

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