Anne Hartnett and Her Benevolent Bicycles

BGV Cleveland finalist Anne Hartnett describes herself best as “a schemer” and a person who loves to think up business ideas. Although most of these concepts fall by the wayside, one potential endeavor stuck. About seven years ago, after taking up spinning, Anne began dreaming of a cycling studio unlike any other, a studio that could harness energy and positively impact the local community. The group cycling model already brought participants together through music and strength. But Anne imagined harnessing the energy the bicycles create for power. Anne would create a cycling studio that would use energy capturing bicycles that would not only eliminate her electric bill, but put energy back into the power grid.  “Add charitable giving to the mix and we have a really POWERFUL impact on our immediate community,” says Hartnett. 
Having an organization like Bad Girl Ventures endorse her idea, out of the 60 + other applicants, gave her confidence to move beyond the idea stage and into the actual planning stage. As a self-proclaimed Candace Klein groupie, she was thrilled to be selected as a BGV Cleveland Spring Finalist. Anne’s favorite class, although she loves them all, was Orientation. Learning how to pitch the business plan first hand from Candace was a dream come true and she believes it really kicked off the program with the end goal in mind. “I will be taking all of her advice when I pitch my plan again to the BGV Selection committee in just a few weeks” Hartnett stated.
The classes offer an opportunity to sit down each week and dive into the details of business strategies. Having received her MBA in 2007 from St. Bonaventure University, Anne believes that she has a solid foundation for each class. Anne describes Bad Girl Ventures as, “something different. It isn’t the philosophy behind business concepts or the principles of marketing. BGV forces you to take a look at a single business idea through many different lenses to develop a strong business plan that will be able to sustain through competition, our compromised economy, and the common challenges that startup companies continue to face. I am thrilled and honored to be one of the first classes of women entrepreneurs that will help continue to grow this powerful micro lending program.”
Anne is a lucky girl in which she cannot name her biggest supporter. This entourage includes her best friend and husband Andy, her mom, five siblings and their families, her close friends, the Psycle community (where she currently instructs) and of course the girls at BGV.  Anne is inspired by other entrepreneurs, both in Cleveland and across the country, who turn their ideas and passions into reality. It doesn’t matter the industry, it fuel’s her fire when she reads about the rebirth of the economy through local businesses and Anne envisions Harness Cycle joining the list. 

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