Kelley Hynds: Journalist, Producer, Bad Girl

When it comes to journalism, Finalist Kelley Hynds is an old pro. It makes sense that her newest venture would capitalize on her extensive experience. But who better to tell you about how she came up with the idea behind Hyndsight Productions than the woman behind the production.  Here are a few questions we asked to learn more about her…

Kelley, what drove you to start your business?
My background is in broadcast journalism and political science.  I knew from an early age that I wanted to get information out to people to help them make more informed decisions in their own lives.
I went to a great journalism school and received a degree in both Broadcast Journalism and Political Science with a minor in Sociology. 
But once I started working in newsrooms throughout the Midwest, I was confronted with the idea that the idea and the execution of news where two different things.  While there are some solid television newsrooms that exist today, the industry is struggling to keep its footing and is defaulting to the sensational and less content.
It was at the fourth TV station I worked at – a big station in the top 3 market in the U.S. – that I knew I had to (and would!) develop a new platform to give people information that help them make informed decisions and become more civically engaged.
While this idea marinated, I started producing documentaries and then got into the video production marketing work.  I succeeded in both endeavors, earning awards for several pieces, and learned a lot about business, the industry and most importantly the importance of both content AND creative in effective video work.
In 2009, I started Hyndsight Productions, which was designed to build up our bread and butter business in custom content.  While building our custom business, the news platform idea continued to evolve.  We did market research and started to build up some resources.
2012 is our year!  Hyndsight Media will officially launch later this year to provide short-form online videos on social and civic issues.  Imagine Wikipedia meets YouTube.  Instead of producing breaking news videos, Hyndsight Media will produce 3-5 minute videos on the background information, the key data and the arguments behind relevant social and civic issues – and produce them in creative and interesting ways using animations, documentary-style production and innovative storytelling techniques.
Hyndsight Media will revolutionize the news industry.  We will be a stand-alone service as well as a supplement to existing mainstream news sources.  And with this interest in civic and social issues we are empowering consumers to inform themselves and engage in civic dialogue again.  Hyndsight Media will change the way we digest information – and will have an impact on both politics and mainstream media as we know them today.
What was your first thought upon being selected to be a finalist?
            I was excited and motivated!  I was most excited about meeting other women with big ideas who are working to make to make their dreams a reality and to impact the world.
Which topic are you most excited about learning about?
            Finances and Marketing are the most interesting because they are the most complex for a business that is trying to grow nationally and internationally very quickly.  The information has been extremely helpful, and we are now looking for one-on-one mentorship to help us implement our complex strategies.
What is your favorite aspect of the program?
The other women!  I have found the other finalists to be helpful and motivational.  It has been a great experience in learning and growing and finding a support system that will last far beyond the timeline of the BGV classes.
There are a lot of other benefits of the BGV program, too.  I have found the information in each presentation/class extremely detailed and helpful.  It is deep and intricate and I feel as though we are getting all the major components of each topic.
And the connections that BGV has made for me have been invaluable as well.  From introductions that Reka has made for me, to follow ups I have made on my own with presenters and guests in the classes, the connections and on-going support outside the classes has been great.
Who is your top supporter?
My mom and my boyfriend are the most supportive.  From the 70-hour workweeks to the emotional rollercoasters of excitement to frustration almost on a weekly basis, they have both been with me through it all.  They pitch in to help research articles, attend events with me and, most of all, listen to me brainstorm and work through ideas and information as it evolves.
Who is your inspiration?
Other women who are working to balance the demands of life and work through barriers to women in business continue to inspire me.  It takes a lot of courage to pursue your dreams and fight against obstacles.  Women who continue to persevere do and will always inspire me.

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