NotMom Blogger Shares Her BGV Story

I’ve been frustrated for years at the small number of websites designed for childless women. If it weren’t for personal blogs, I don’t think there’d be anything at all.  My career is in PR and communications: I live online and I still couldn’t find childless-by-chance women like me.  I could find sites specifically about infertility, empty nesters, and on and on.  Or, I clicked through to “childfree” sites for women who have chosen a life without kids.  That’s not me, either.
In my work as a professional communicator, I had met BGV Operations Director Reka Barabas years ago at events for nonprofit consultants. When I heard her voice on the phone, I thought she might be referring me to a potential client!
My top supporter is my husband, Andrew, the yin to my yang. A trained accountant, he works as general manager for a manufacturing business. Every financial topic that brings me close to tears and screaming, he knows inside and out.  I’m excited to keep trying because BGV classes have an inescapable GIRLS ROCK! vibe that makes students believe that just maybe, they can make their business dreams can come true.
I was a student in the Fall 2011 class, and now, here I am again as a finalist.  I can testify that no two classes are the same from session to session. My favorite aspect of the program is that it’s a competition without competition.  Finalists help each other; genuinely hoping the other woman succeeds.  I couldn’t have designed a more perfect program for fledgling women entrepreneurs if I’d tried.
BGV Cleveland Finalist Karen Malone Wright, The

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