Intern Interviewing Intern: Tyler’s Story

One of the first things I learned about Tyler Connally is that she once auditioned for America’s Next Top Model. This came as no surprise because she is such a fun, outgoing person with no fear. This quarter’s interns are no stranger to the reality show industry, myself auditioning for this season’s X factor and Rachel Klosterman having auditioned for American Idol. We are a lively bunch, and Tyler is no exception.
Tyler, a Vandalia, Ohio raised girl, grew up with limited small business exposure. While in the University of Cincinnati Academic Internship program, she interviewed with Corey, the Director of Bad Girl Ventures Cincinnati, and immediately clicked with her fun and outgoing personality. Although her major is Organizational Leadership with a focus in HR, she is one of the two Administrative interns at BGV. She chose the internship because the organization was new and exciting. It gave her more exposure to the HR world as well as learning about non-profits.
She, along side our male bad girl, Jordan, work in all facets of the business. She writes thank you emails as well as personal handwritten letters, does a lot of printing, planning, and class registration amongst tons of other things. Looking at what she does, compared to my marketing experiences, I have it easy.
Although it is hard work, it comes with a payoff. She tells me that the people and the environment are what make her come to work. Tyler also loves all of the networking opportunities she has been provided. 
Jordan Kalplan


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