Cows, Trucks, and Entrepreneurs: An Intern’s Story

I was born the daughter of a livestock broker and a computer programmer. If I was not with my nanny, I was playing outside with my two sisters, riding horses, or hanging out with my dad at the local cattle auction. My father was always so busy and connected, running brokerage business from our 60 acre farm, “Prairie View,” as well as an additional farm down the road. From his pager, car phone, bag phone and CB radio, to driving around in a giant Dodge Ram, in my eyes, Leonard was a total rock star. While my father was running the small business world via “Prairie View Farm”, my mother, Ruth, was in the corporate world working on computers. When she quit her job to be at home with us everything seemed perfect in the eyes of a child.
In reality, their multiple home-run businesses were failing. The cattle industry was crumbling and we were forced to sell our second farm. My father went to Real Estate school and began working as a successful Realtor and my mother began her own business from our horse barn called “Cowgirl Fitness,” a workout program for middle-aged women who wish to ride horses. Yet again, the economy took a turn and the businesses were not as successful as my parents had hoped.
When my grandmother passed a few years ago, my mom came into a large sum of money and my parents decided to try yet another small business venture, a grocery store. The store gets progressively better and busier every time I travel the 3.5 hour journey home to Wooster to visit. However, my parents still ask me, their college aged daughter, for marketing advice.
In the small business world, it is extremely important to be informed, although very intelligent, my parents did not have the education needed to effectively run a small business. Bad Girl Ventures does just that. It trains women to attack their goals, strive for entrepreneurial greatness, and truly reach for the stars. When applying for the internship program through the University of Cincinnati, BGV was the only business that really got my attention. The women I have met while interning thus far are an inspiration, and have shown me that not all small businesses fail. In fact, if they are bold enough, they can succeed.
       Jordan Kaplan, Marketing Intern Extraodinaire 

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