Finalist Autumn Skoczen: Making you Tipsy with Auts Tipse Treats

Have you ever sat around eating a cupcake with a stiff drink on the side and thought gee wouldn’t it be nice if I could combine this endeavor? OK maybe not, but Autumn of Auts Tipse Treats did! And boy are we glad!  Now I know what you are thinking…how can a treat be both delicious and intoxicating? Everyone knows that the baking process rids alcohol of its intoxicating effects, but Autumn is two steps ahead.  Her top secret process preserves the intoxicating integrity of the spirits and gives her treats a real kick.  The result, a delectable libation in a category all its own, the cupcake shot.

We asked Autumn a few questions to learn more about her and her Tipse Treats…

What drove you to start your business?

 “I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and have always searched high and low for the ‘perfect idea’. When I thought about making alcoholic cupcakes, it quickly became a passion, and the positive response from my customers and even the city has helped me to stay so motivated.”

What was your first thought upon being selected to be a finalist?

“Besides the blood curdling scream that immediately followed the phone call? Lol, I was ecstatic! It felt good to know that an established company such as BGV thought my idea was even worthy of a 25k loan. Certainly makes you put on your business hat!”
What are your first impressions of the program, how are your classes going? 

“My first impression was that it was going to be more ‘college-esque’. Sitting in a room, listening to a teacher talk, having to take notes and then drowning in questions that your too afraid to ask. It’s the complete opposite. The BGV classroom is literally an incubator of great thoughts and ideas, and everyone shares their perspectives freely, both as a business women and as potential customers. The teachers are thorough and eager to answer questions and the classes really encourage interaction. I leave there every Saturday with a whole new list of things to do that will help make my business better, and make me a better business owner. Things that I feel I would be hard pressed to figure out on my own if I hadn’t learned them with BGV.”
Which topic are you most excited to learn about? 

“I am most interested and anxious to learn about financial projections. Its the meaty part of your business plan, and really, the most important part as well. It just so happens to be the one area I feel most clueless… I mean how do you project your companies finances 5 years in advance? It must be magic and I can’t wait to meet the magician.. I mean mathematician that teaches that class!”
What is your favorite aspect of the program? 

“The camaraderie with the other finalists and the ability to connect with such valuable networks and resources in business. Whenever I have a questions, I know exactly the person to call, and the best part is that they WANT me to!”   
Who is your top supporter? 

“My loving hubby, John Trzop. He has helped me nurse this idea, and has been so supportive. He steps in when he can and is right by my side when things get tough. He has allowed me to quit my job to pursue this dream head on, and has made great personal sacrifices as well. He believes in me…..what more can I ask for?”
Who is your inspiration? 

“If you look at my logo, I have three dots, which symbolize three of my footholds in my business. My Dedication…. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit; My Inspiration….my three best friends, Jessi, Rachel and Krystal; and my Motivation……my Mom, Denise, and two sisters, Heather and Amber. These three foundations is what makes up the fiber of my business, of my soul and what keeps me going and inspire me to keep on going, no matter how tired I may get.”

Keep checking back to learn more about all of our bad girls!

Rachel Czernin, Director of Marketing and Development, BGV Inc.
Follow me us twitter @BGV_roadwarrior and @badgirlventures


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