Classroom tails: Corey’s Log

We are 2 weeks in to the Spring 2012 course and making a big impact. In each class we have had over 60 businesses participating, our biggest class to date! While we are all a little crowded and things are a bit chaotic at times, I am thrilled to be reaching so many Bad Girls and Guys in Cincinnati!

There are a wide variety of businesses in class at a wide variety of stages. We are learning how to most effectively reach everyone, making it a worthwhile experience for all startups. Thus far everyone has made excellent connections! Each student has participated in two hour presentations on a particular topic each week. For the last hour of class each of the students has the opportunity to meet one on one with experts in the industry to ask specific questions. This is the perfect time to build their network and make worthwhile connections.
I am excited to see how these businesses develop over the next 8 weeks! Stay tuned!

Corey Drushal, Director of Operations, Bad Girl Ventures Cincinnati 

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