Somewhere a Bad Girl is Learning

Unfortunately for me, I was unable to attend class this morning and therefore unable to get my usual dose of entrepreneurial enthusiasm.  However, I couldn’t help but try to channel the energy from afar and sat wondering what the Bad Girls were learning today…

In Cleveland the ladies are at LaunchHouse and its Social Media Marketing day with the amazing ladies of Rosetta. The Bad Girls of Cleveland are truly in the thick of it at this point, realizing what they have gotten themselves into, but nonetheless enduring and inspired.  They have already learned about business plans and legal structuring, and in week three they learned how to identify their market. This morning they learned how to use social media as a marketing tool.  I have no doubt that twitter will see new clients today!

In Cincinnati they are at the Cinci office of LeapFrog Interactive and its all about the Business Plan. The ladies have been standing on the cusp of this amazing experience for the last couple of weeks. Energized by orientation, they anxiously awaited the opportunity to jump right in and “get to work” (as Candace instructed them at orientation). The Business Plan class will give them the opportunity to do just that. Next week it’s all about Social Media.

Whether in Cleveland or Cincinnati, at any given time throughout the next several weeks, a bad girl is determining how they can better leverage their ideas, promote their products, and make their business more sustainable.  They may even be sitting with their SCORE mentor discussing the ins and outs of their marketing strategy or contacting a coach they met during class to make valuable connections for the future. Indeed, there is no doubt that somewhere a Bad Girl is learning. Learning how to better herself and her business.

~ Rachel, Director of Marketing and Development, BGV Inc.


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